Trip Checklists

Hunting Trip Checklist

The following is a convenient checklist to help you plan for your next guided trip with Bear Trap Outfitters. With our guided trips, you are required to supply your own hunting gear, season-appropriate clothing, and personal items.


Underclothes for Layering

______Long underwear – regular or insulated

______Wool socks – moisture wicking wool socks are best

______Long sleeve t-shirts or light weight shirts preferably with pockets

______Insulated jacket or vest – goose down insulation provides maximum warmth with the least weight and bulk


Camouflage Clothing

______Cargo pants – fleece or wool – WINDSTOPPER® fabric, GORE-TEX® fabric, waterproof – preferably with many pockets

______Hats – one warm fleece stocking cap and one fitted baseball-type hat

______Gloves – one light pair, one heavy pair – wool, waterproof

______Outer coat – heavy, wool, cotton, waterproof

______Rain gear, parka, or shell to cover all outer layers – nylon or rubber – waterproof, not water-repellent or water-resistant

______Comfortable pair of slip-on camp boots or shoes

______Boots with good tread (2) pair –
             Hunting boot – waterproof, insulated, GORE-TEX® material, 600-800 gram, 8″ – 10″ high – leather is best;
             Hiking boot – light, waterproof, insulated, GORE-TEX® material, 200- 400 gram, 6″ – 8″ high

______ Waterproof, breathable high gaiters (also known as alpine or expedition gaiters)


Personal Items

______Orange vest

______Sleeping bag – down is lighter and warmer than synthetic – pack in a waterproof stuff sack

______Toiletry items

______Sun glasses

______Sun screen

______Prescription glasses or contact lens kit

______Prescription medications

______Lip balm

______Wash cloth

______Hand towel

______Unscented baby wipes


______Insect repellent lotion (seasonal)


______Hunting knife or pocket tool

______Waterproof matches

______First aid kit

______Fire starting kit

______Cow call

______Water bottle or canteen

______Hand warmers

______Foot warmers (optional)

______Map of the area being hunted (optional)

______Camera and extra batteries

______Travel alarm clock


______Binoculars – 8 power is sufficient, 10 power is best

______Rangefinder binoculars (optional)

______Handheld GPS unit (optional)

______Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries

______Small pack, backpack, or fanny pack

______High protein snacks (optional)


Rifle Hunting

______Hunting license

______Ammunition – 1-2 boxes

______Ammunition carrier

______Rifle sling

______Scope cover



Archery Hunting

______Archery stamp

______Hunting bow with string silencers

______Sling for bow

______Hard case for bow

______Allen wrenches, pliers

______Extra peep sight

______Broadhead sharpening hones, file, or replacement blades


Fishing Trips